Having Budgeting nightmares? Save thousands of dollars with these 8 simple tips!

  1. Keep the wedding guest list under 100
  2. Time: Morning or early afternoon wedding- does not need a lot of alcohol, food etc.
  3. Location-consider having the ceremony and reception at the same site- therefore paying one site fee-also few hours for the event
  4. Keep wedding party small- cutting down on cost of attendant bouquets and gift to each member in the wedding party
  5. Wedding attire- give yourself a limit you can spend and shop at stores that allow you to stay within that amount
  6. Limit wedding party-for each additional attendant you will need a flowers and thank you gift
  7. Select Wedding Vendors carefully-information during the initial vendor meetings can be overwhelming- take the information home & review. Try to make decisions without pressure- according to your wishes and budget, not your emotions.
  8. Set up your own wedding checking account- setting aside a certain amount to place in it each month. Using only that amount for the wedding allows you to actually see what you are spending, and a great way to stay on top of your expense and deposits to each vendor.